My qualms with joining in

You know, the first TVP city already exists.. It's called Rotunda West, Florida. That entire area (Port Charlotte, Cape Coral) has tons of empty land with streets and infrastructure we could use to build cities, right now. We can find people willing to donate their land and organize a 501c4 nonprofit. We should start creating city center plans for them and present them, mostly low-rise vertical farms and sustainable apartments. Through lobbying we can get the city governments to allow us to test out new architectural designs, already proven at venus. Automated hovercraft:

New Schematic for 4-person hovercraft:

The actual TVP cities will not need paved roads at all with this hovercraft technology- just mowed lawns. Mowing the lawns creates a constantly-replenishing source of biomass for power. Heard of anaerobic digesters?

Using earthbag/superadobe construction methods (which means it's free), and biomass wood-gasifier powered/automated construction equipment (renewable and free), you can build FREE (or very low-cost) housing for any interested TVP supporter to come stay, which we're going to need. If you can buy a plane ticket or get there and pay for the cost of the house, you should be able to go. In-person, physical contact to brainstorm, research and develop. That's how we're going to do this.

At some point you need to get serious. Venus Florida can and will become a real research center- with thousands of scientists, a manufacturing/prefab centre for all of southern florida and much more. Maybe we don't have the money- but we have the resources. Think of it as the new silicon valley- for sustainable, open source technology. While most of the offices will be in Rotunda or Cape Coral, a lot of the R+D work and field testing would happen in venus.

You don't need to convince people to build new cities when we have several existing empty florida towns i'm sure we could gain free reign over. Someone else can manage this, find angel investors and the like.. And then we give every homeless person in america a free house and AUTOMATED garden that produces free food. That's where we prove ourselves and also gain huge public attention- just the proposal would wake people up.

We can crowdfund science competitions that give an award to anyone who produces automated harvesting machinery to make our lives better and easier. Partner with Open Source Ecology and bring them in.

The problem with TVP is that you don't have the technology developed yet. That has to be fixed before we move forward.

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