my traffic fell off a cliff. Searching for the cause

My blog got hit on Sept 13th, got near destroyed, and then with one of the updates about a month ago it started to gradually recover. Now it is back to almost exactly the same traffic as it was on Sept 12th with the same number of articles.

I followed this kitchen sink SEO method, I probably did around 80% of the technical stuff, the big thing that I didn't do was re-writing/deleting about 50 articles that were probably AI articles. I say probably AI articles as I hired "writers" on upwork and only realised afterwards that AI/Jasper etc was a thing, so my own fault for not following the industry.

Now if I had just left my site and did nothing would it have recovered anyway? I will never know.

But right now I'm seeing the positive of getting hit by the update. I learned a bunch from following that method, and I would never have found that method without getting hit.

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