I have Narcissistic Personality Disorder AMA

It causes me to have a tough, struggling relationship with family/peers a lot of times. I can be very kind and understanding to others I'm fond of, but I have shallow emotions and sincerity when it comes to emotional bond and it's very prone to flipping/changing. I have threatened my family countless times, I've told them I wish they weren't alive, I'm greedy and have taken things from them. I'm an insanely big liar, my parents told me I lie more than any person they've ever known.

I live with depression and anxiety and walk in circles a lot in my life. I am frequently pessimistic and negative, as I believe it gives me a more realistic view on life.

I've been told I have a big ego, I'm controlling, and I'm unfair, hypocritical to others.

When I get upset or angry, I say venomous things.

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