Netflix Tells Employees to “Spend Our Members’ Money Wisely” in New Memo. The directive comes after the streaming giant reported a 200,000 subscriber loss.

So make the service worse?

I can't think of a single reason adding ads to the service and cracking down on Password sharing would be a good thing from a service that people forget about. The most attention you get the more people will think about canceling it.

Then cutting shows that are doing well and well liked? How is that getting ahead of a trend? You cancel a show and people left. Make a better show at similar levels. Not 10 shows that are 1/10 the value.

You know Netflix will make all the props and film everything then destroy the props? Like they don't want to build a library like other companies that build a library of props and film sets. No, they will literally just burn the money they invested.

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