New to the area

And any tips for a Mexican that has never once shovelled in her life?

Shovel frequently. Snow that sits gets packed down and shovel/snowblower resistant.

And if there's any chance you might be in any kind of rush, have a bad back, are at risk of a heart attack, etc... get an appropriately sized snowblower and learn how to use it properly. When the snowbanks get taller than you are (this can happen occasionally in Barrie), you want the machine throwing the snow, not your shoulders and back. 24" wide, 2-stage, self-propelled, with a control for adjusting the direction of the thrown snow (some snowblowers have you actually walk around and move it directly).

Seal the cracks. Any gap in your clothes will let cold wind and snow in, then the snow melts and feels awful. Invest in a good 3/4 length winter jacket, a scarf, a warm hat, thick gloves (and thin - on warmer less cold days you don't want sweaty hands), and a decent pair of boots.

Don't worry about driving in it... almost everyone forgets how to drive in snow every year, it's a collective amnesia. Just have good winter tires on sometime in November, and slow down if you're not sure the road is dry.

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