Need serious help with grocery shopping list samples, been spending 1,800$ a month for two people and a baby

I'm very sorry to hear that. I imagine the stress of trying to feed a newborn and make sure they're getting everything they need must be intense. I don't know how much help I can be, so maybe see this message as an effort at moral support. My wife and I, both in our mid-50s, have been fairly shocked by the skyrocketing grocery prices, but for us it has meant we buy less. We've tried to adjust our menu to accommodate this new reality, so we're eating less meat (which may not be a bad thing) and trying to make more vegetable stews, or veggie fried rice, vegetable chilli...something we can stretch over two nights. We use our slow cooker a lot. Toss in a bunch of ingredients and let it simmer all day. We both work, so it's really handy to have dinner ready to go. Otherwise, as you're already doing, we're choosing No Name brands, when available, and trying to make more dishes with rice, since that can be bought in bulk and is very flexible.

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