New to EDH. what are some great big bruisers?

Here are some great and usually big monsters in EDH, some of which might be too powerful for your playgroup, so use your discretion.

[[Lord of the Void]] is a fun one in EDH as there will always be good creatures to steal. [[Sepulchral Primordial]] is amazing too, as it reanimates something from each opponent. By that same reasoning, [[Diluvian Primordial]] is also pretty good ([[Sylvan Primordial]] is also really strong but is banned).

[[Rune-Scarred Demon]] is a staple in black, and you can tutor it out with green spells like [[Tooth and Nail]] or [[Chord of Calling]] too.

[[Sheoldred, Whispering One]] is probably essential to a Mimeoplasm deck as you will have creatures in the graveyard to reanimate anyway, and she also gives swampwalk to your Mimeoplasm when you target her. [[Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger]] both ramps you and hampers your opponents. [[Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur]] does the same for card draw, and if you can keep him alive you probably win. [[Consecrated Sphinx]] also gives you plenty of card draw, should help you fill your graveyard with the right creatures when you discard as well, and of course gives evasion on a decent-sized body when reanimated with Mimeoplasm. [[Damia, Sage of Stone]] draws lots of cards too, is in the right colors for you, and has deathtouch. [[Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord]] can also get very big with your strategy, and [[Glissa the Traitor]] also has first strike and deathtouch. I presume you're already running [[Sidisi, Brood Tyrant]], although she isn't that big.

[[Massacre Wurm]] acts as a bit of a sweeper, and can destroy token players. [[Kederekt Leviathan]] can be a very powerful card to bring back with Mimeoplasm, especially if you have a [[Concordant Crossroads]]. [[Terastodon]] is great, whether to destroy other problematic permanents or just to sacrifice your stuff for some extra tokens.

Copy effects are especially great, so try things like [[Clever Impersonator]], [[Phyrexian Metamorph]], [[Body Double]], and [[Sakashima the Impostor]]. [[Duplicant]] is a similar sort of card that also exiles their creature.

[[Phyrexian Obliterator]] and plenty of counters on a Mimeoplasm is practically an Eldrazi. Speaking of Eldrazi, [[It That Betrays]] is great if you can ramp to it, since sacrificing is a big thing in EDH.

[[Avenger of Zendikar]] is generally good in all green decks. [[Siege Behemoth]] is an underrated way of always getting your damage through, and it is also hexproof.

For some protection, you could also go with [[Thrun, the Last Troll]], [[True-Name Nemesis]], or [[Gaea's Revenge]].

Hope that helps! Now I feel like playing a Mimeoplasm game...

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