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sure I would appreciate that, also unrelated but I also feel like eating is kind of partly a

stimulation thing for me / boredom thing I came to this conclusion after being

diagnosed growing up I would always stick things in my mouth and sometimes chew

on things like bottle caps and my shirt I've noticed my youngest half sister whos 10

does a similar thing with putting stuff in her mouth. Our dad says she looks like and

acts like me and she does at first I, unfortunately, took it as my dad insulting her

appearance/weight. One time I bought some dresses for my sisters online for a daddy-daughter dance and my youngest sister couldn't wear the biggest dress so I told my dad and he said the way she acts isn't the only way she reminds me of you, my sister wasn't anywhere near us. I've noticed also that she seems to snack out of boredom and/or possibly a need for stimulation but I'm no expert I'm just noticing similar things she doesn't sneak food usually.

On a side note my other half-siblings on my dad's side her older brothers and sister, are just straight-up mean to her and make fun of her all the time for no reason, I mean she is a big little girl short at 4ft2 and probably around 104lbs and carries a lot of her weight in her belly and face \ just like me and strangely enough around her neck, she has necklines I think they are called just like me unfortunately and my siblings constantly make fun of her for it when she comes over I always try to encourage her to do something fun and active with me but not in a way where I'm forcing it and making it unfun.

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