Next bespoke team predictions?

I think the June release is going to be Grey Knights vs Chaos Daemons.

I have a lingering suspicion that Chaos Daemons are going to get rolled into the Chaos Space Marine Codex like the Harlequins got rolled into the Aeldari Codex and we may see the CSM codex around June unless we get Astra Militarum between Imperial/Chaos Knights and Chaos Space Marines.

I think Tyranids will get a WD team soon.

GW is likely gonna save the Space Dwarves for winter holiday, though they may also do a Space Dwarves kill team in September to “give a taste” of the new Space Dwarves and then release a bunch of 40k kits around holidays.

Kill Teams are kind of supplementing the 40k codex release schedule this year.

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