Monthly General Question and Discussion Thread: October 2022

Well harlies complicate it because they fly. They ignore all models and terrain on the table while moving (except roofs) and just have to finish their movement legally. So you can just backflip over models.

You can likely charge either one or both depending on where you have your model end up.

Most teams could do this, charge either or both. It depends on how far you’re going and whether the terrain funnels movement on the way in that might make it harder to charge, say, JUST the back guy. Because unless there’s a friendly engaged with someone, the first guy you come within engagement range of must be one of your charge targets. (Third bullet about charging).

But again, killer clowns. Declare charge, fly 100” straight up for free, move 8” horizontally, land with the force of a dying star. Then backflip away while playing the bioshock circus of values music.

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