GW marketing at its best. Killzone Upgrade: Soulshackle sprue releases in to weeks, but not the book that has the rules...

Even putting aside the fact that GW is in the UK, not the US, companies in the west just can't remotely compete with China these days

What? One of the largest printing houses in the world is based out of Wisconsin (Quad owns Quabecor now). Most of my text books in college were printed in the US. There are ways to do it, may cost just a bit more. I also just had a look around the room I'm sitting in and most of my son's picture books were printed in the US and quite a few more of my books on the shelf (like my Gordon Ramsey cook book) were printed in the US. All of those books I would gander sell and print a lot more quantity than GW does in any given year.

Besides that they do all of their plastic injection molding in the UK. So they are used to working around and doing things a little differently when they want to.

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