No dip statement, but psychedelics really could help this ego run world get back to its conscious roots. And once all these old fuckers are out of office, I think EVERYTHING will change. I’m looking forward to the next chapter of humanity :)

All of societies indoctrination and propaganda disappeared and I was left perceiving the world with just my 5 senses, just as we are meant to. I first realized that humans are tribal and that does not equal racism. Every ethnicity on earth has a preference for their own kind.

I realized how far from reality the left has strayed. (gender, race,, differences between men and women to name a few, different groups living together harmoniously) The right accepts uncomfortable truths and won’t pretend everything is okay as much as the left does. The right is willing to say the truth even if it hurts.

Also realized while peaking that globalization is a power grab to consolidate control over sovereign states. I value culture and don’t want to see it changed artificially or through mass migration (although we should help those fleeing war in some way).

The shrooms made me realize that whites are losing their national identities and it is considered racist by many if one points that out. Every ethnicity and/or nation has the right to self determination. we don’t need the UN determining our actions. humans are tribal and there’s nothing wrong with that.

That being said, there’s a lot I agree with on the left, like gay rights, nationalized healthcare, and freedom of and from religion.

TLDR: Culture is important and requires a highly homogenous society, national sovereignty is threatened by globalization, and ethnic identity is important for all people, tribalism is natural and does not imply superiority

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