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I guess I stand by what I though

My concern is by giving their prime times’ it to what was a 3 hour ad it would open advertiser to want that timeslot or have clear product placement into the Thursday time slot or even campaign

There also the concern that what Wendy did and copied 5e for their rpg system change the name and then just publish it free or not , it is still a form of stealing, and one I can’t understand since they could have use 5e ogl... and given credit accordingly

Then you have Wendy,

Most corporation are not ethical but I guess the problem was associating with a big corporation for a whole game

I never said or tought Cr were sell out, was only concerned at what kind of precedent it would set for the future

Those who called the cr sell out or criticize them because Wendy are horrible may have want to step in the crew shoe first maybe they weren’t aware of Wendy practise

As a Canadian I couldn’t care less about Wendy but was concerned about the precedent it would set for other corporation to want a 3 hour ad by copying a popular tabletop rpg and removing any name of the source....

Sponsorship is necessary and unfortunately most big corporation are unethical in some way, it’s either to give the sponsor front scene (like they did with Wendy) or back scene (like they do with dnd beyond and dwarves forge)

The other one shot don’t feel as cringe as Wendy was

I guess it is because they are closer to rpg and have a story to tell like most game are

While Wendy have only one goal, to sell burger

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