Non-German people of Reddit, what about Germany do you find odd or different?

I was based in Germany in the eighties while in the Army. We would be out on exercise a lot and usually that meant you were cold wet and miserable. Ration packages were horrendous. However, an enterprising local called Wolfgang had himself a little blue Schnelli wagon and he would turn up selling frites mit yaeger sauce or currywurst or whatever. Wherever we went he would find us, just as you were on your chinstrap the lights would appear, the flap go up and the glorious aromas would waft towards you. How he found us every time I will never know. Officers who had selected their positions with care would be gobsmacked when that van came into view. I am so glad war never broke out as we would probably have had to shoot him .. he would have led the Russians right to us.

Went all over the world on exercise, old Wolfgang was the only person who could ever track us like that. The worlds best military forces paled in comparison to one German in a blue van.

God Bless him.

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