It's not that this patch is "hard," it's just really boring.

You just made his point for him, which is not agreeing to disagree. They're utilizing Survivor GameZ, which is the complete opposite of the playstyle they're supposedly looking to force everyone to play, in order to gain the game attention from the gaming community, which is falsely advertising what the game is about. If they want to drive home the point that the game is going to be about farming and hunting and being bored to tears in the woods because no one interacts and most interactions are still PvP, then they should put forth an event that highlights this point. Sticking with the Survivor GameZ is cashing in on the playstyle and game made popular by the Mod while completely changing everything that drew people to the Mod in the first place. Just seems cheap.

Furthermore, nothing about this game says to me that it is a hardcore survival simulator. It isn't hard to survive at all. I ran around the map for several hours to day and had no issue surviving. Used up more ammo than I would have wanted to killing zombies for the fuck of it, but that's just because I didn't see a single fucking soul on the high pop private shards I play on. Then, when I do see two people and me and my buddy engage them in combat for their loot, they combat log on us. Cool story. Such a hardcore survival simulator. It's a running/driving and looting simulator with some zombies that are a mild nuisance (when they used to barely be a nuisance at all). People no longer need to leave the coast (as if they ever really did to begin with) because everything spawns everywhere and there's no reason to actually explore and go on any adventures around the map. It's boring, simple as that; it's not a challenge to survive, and this isn't a farming/hunting simulator so...


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