Group/Clan/Faction Megathread - Week Starting January 30, 2021


I'm looking to get some people together in a group to start adventures with, bounce ideas off of, create content with, and ultimately grow and learn with,

I've seen the LF group posts everywhere and have tried out a few runs with people, but I'm looking for ppl who are mature, friendly, and positive in nature overall.

What I can offer to the group is help with anything audio, I am an audio engineer by trade and am willing to help anyone, I have medium level graphic art abilities, and medium level video editing abilities, in which I am looking to grow and learn more of.

I have north of 1200 hours played, am still learning but know plenty about the game and how to play it.

if this interests you, or you find yourself in a similar spot and are just looking to try something new,

send me a msg !



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