An open question to bandits, why?

Well, you were the bandit in this situation, they weren't. You mugged them for supplies and then threw them scraps and turned your back while they were armed. That still makes you the aggressor. They had every incentive to get their stuff back after it was taken by force. It would be a different story if you had tried to haggle/talk instead of robbing them. Your first impression was as a threat and thief to them.

I've never robbed anybody in this game, yet alone killed anyone, and I've played since the mod, so that's close to a decade now. I prefer the hero style. That said, desperate survivors / bandits (like yourself) are fine and necessary to the game, KOS jerks are not, and the rare passives make up the rest. But the people you're complaining about are victims of you, the bandit, who got revenge and reclaimed what you stole. Nobody should hate anybody for that transaction.

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