DayZ 1.0 Aftermath - All reviews are from "Free Weekend" players who tried out DayZ. 12/14/18

Justified imo. The devs fucked up very hard with the 1.0 release.

We all knew the game wasn't ready for 1.0 but they had to hit the deadline. Understandable, maybe is they release the best possible version of 0.63 it won't be such a disaster... maybe it will be ok.

They release 1.0 with a major game breaking FPS issue. The community finds the problem, an embarrassing file routing mistake. Thousands of new and returning players think the game runs like shit, word spreads that DayZ is still shit. FPS fix is launched, still many players have issues never seen in months.

Zombie comes at you, you try to fight it but it it's still just a random clickfest of jankiness and terrible server performance.

I would negatively review the fuck out of it too.

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