Commit To Your Light Sources

> Not to mention, if you spawn in as a new character while it's dark and raining, you cannot play the gamebecause you can't see anything. Rain destroys alight flares in seconds, meaning you have to feel your way into a building, light the flare inside, and if there isn't another light source in there, you're done, since you can't take it out again. You have to either sit idle for an hour, waiting for the sun to rise or rain to stop, or just play another server.


I literally just reinstalled this game to check out the "massive update" it just went through. I entered a server to be greeted by nothing but everything you just described. At LEAST let us spawn with a goddamn flashlight, you know, something that doesn't get destroyed during the rain.

ALSO I tried going to another server in hopes I enter during the server's daytime and I'm greeted with a 90 second spawn timer. Why does this exist? Literally no game does this.

What a goddamn letdown.

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