The game just got unbanned in Australia.

I'm a parent and a gamer , I looked at games before my son bought them when he was young, even then unless you sit down and watch youtube videos of game play u still don't really know what's going on in the game .. reading a quick rating on the box is a joke .. yea you can go by the rating system..most parents don't even have a clue wtf that is even.. it's not easy being a parent can't watch everything your kids do , see, play. Even as a gamer parent.
So the aussies decide they will step in and do what the parents cant or wont .. I agree it's dumb.
But at least they are trying to do something proactively, but they like most parents don't have a clue except what someone tells them, even if its wrong.
I as a parent have banned my son between 10 and 14 games that I thought was too mature for him .. rockstar games I banned him from playing until he was old enough to get a better grasp on.
But if a kid really wants to they will find a way to play anyway, banned game or not

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