DAYZUSONIA Admin Teleporting to me for no reason and attempting to kill me. [DU] = DayzUsonia

I wont fight for either side. The killing - Unjust

The voice chat though is easly explained. When you do TP to someone depending on specs (my specs are overkill 2080 ti - 32gb ram - i9-9900k) it can take anywhere from 5-20 seconds for your game to catch up.

My post was a generalization because at the end of the day making a public post to put him on blast wont do much but get rid of one guy. Because ive had so many ill experiences with players who are just out to get me sometimes i wish i could do what he did to some folks and put a bullet in some peoples ingame head.

Actually funny story i did do that once when a guy screamed at me for admin abusing when i TPed to his friend. Tried to explain his friend asked for help and he kept screaming so put a .50 in the back of his skull and just left and woke up to tons of DMs yelling at me.

But like i said im not poking at you or the admin just posting my long message as it fits with the theme and im hoping some players will read it and sympathize sometimes for what we put ourselves through (we are unpaid after all)


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