Not sure if DH can stay overnight at the hospital

Going through something similar (with a 2 year old at home) plus men are not allowed to stay the night at the hospital where I am delivering. For the two year old, we have care lined up for him for the actual birth regardless of what time it takes place. I lined this up in advance. During the day, he will be in his regular day care.

For the overnights, I am going to be much more reliant on the nurses this time. Last time I was too shy and I was extremely disabled from the birth and was unable to stand for two days. To "solve" this, the nurses just put the baby in the bed with me, but this was a terrible "solution" because I was then too paranoid to sleep because I thought I would roll over and kill the baby. I ended up not sleeping for two nights straight after giving birth and suffering from the excruciating pain of near-fourth-degree tearing. This time, I am just going to constantly demand they take the baby to the nursery to be brought back when dad is there to help or I am feeling well enough to care for a newborn. I'm not breastfeeding, though, so it will be easier to do this.

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