Now Erik Johnson has a lower body injury and won't be at the All-Star Game

It seems as though they made sure the initial selections were made with a "one player from each team" criteria, but replacements seemingly haven't followed suit. Notable example being that Jimmy Howard (Red Wings) was the only player from his team selected, but was injured recently and won't be attending. He was not replaced by another Red wing (either directly with another goalie, nor indirectly with another player). So there are presently no Red Wing players who will be participating, and that might remain true for the Avs.

Now it's worth noting that players who are initially selected for the All-Star game have to attend, otherwise they are penalized by missing one game following the All-Star break (either on injury reserve or via suspension). That includes those who are "injured", legitimately or not, as it prevents people from faking injury to avoid being punished. I'm not sure if those penalties still apply with replacement players though, since they might've made plans/arrangements over that break since they weren't expecting to go (genuinely, I don't know). If there's no penalty, it might partially explain why (for example) the Red Wings have no participant, since after Howard was injured, the NHL may have asked Datsyuk/Zetterberg to fill in for another injured forward, but instead they may have declined (since both players have done so in the past, if I recall) and consequently the NHL just chose a notable player from elsewhere. If this is also the case, then I suppose Tyson Barrie might be asked to replace Johnson.

But my assumption is simply that they don't bother too much with the "one player from each team" criteria for logistical reasons, and instead move to the next-in-line star player at that position - and so the three I mentioned (I think?) are the most likely candidates. However I mentioned it partially as a silly joke in that all three by coincidence have "Karl" in their names (phonetically).

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