Obama in Laos: ’Stressed’ Americans Typically Turn To Racism

Honestly, Obama's an idiot. No logic to his thought process whatsoever. Completely talking out of his ass. How on Earth does stress lead to racism? Any studies on that Obama?

Let's first make it clear that by "Americans" he means white people. Now, does this also apply to non-whites who get stressed - do they turn on people who don't look like them? Or is it a white people thing? Interesting - it must be genetic then? Doesn't really fit in with the leftist "all races all the same", "no such thing as race" narrative does it? How come you're allowed to make blanket negative statements about white people as a race or culture, but not any other race or culture?

Anyway, all races are tribal and thus 'racist' to an extent. But that's beside the point. Leftists like Obama will say "most muslims are good people, not terrorists" but happily stir up negative attitudes towards white people. Why is it that "most muslims are hard-working good people" yet most Americans (whites) are "lazy, stressed and racist"? You're told not to worry about Islamaic terrorism because most muslims are "peaceful", so how about not worrying about being shot by a white cop or hated by a 'stressed racist' white American because most whites are "peaceful"?

People like Obama see non-existant 'racism' everywhere. When that gorilla got shot because his parents let him wander, black people on Twitter were saying 'smh stupid white parents' and then when it turned out to be a child of black parents they were like "oh, should've known, so that's why people are calling for the parents to put in jail - because they're black". No, nobody knew until the same time you did and I guarantee if that that gorilla wasn't shot and that black kid was killed, the same black people would instead be saying "oh I bet they would've shot the gorilla to save a white kid! They just let that black kid die."

Can't wait for Trump to replace this guy.

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