The Official CAPTAIN MARVEL Discussion Megathread Vol. 3

The Supreme Intelligence isn't just a hyper-advanced AI, it's a civilization-level manager whose directive is to further the success of its creator race.

In the sense you're thinking about an AI, such a thing would be concerned chiefly with self-improvement and self-preservation. This one relies upon the Kree as its caretakers and the Kree rely upon it to manage their galaxy-spanning empire.

Since the Supreme Intelligence is inextricably bound to the lifecycles and needs of its host race, it has to balance "guiding them" against their very "human" elements.

Make no mistake, the Kree are very successful. But they have overcrowding problems and lots of other matters of civil strife that hold them back. The Supreme Intelligence often lies to the Kree and sends them off to war for resources strictly to kill off Kree and make keeping the species alive as a whole easier than it was before.

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