Omniscience — Does God know what choices we will make, or is He ‘just able to know the all of the possibilities and probabilities that will take place over the course of time?’

  • don't know if every sinner will eventually be reconciled. The teaching of the Church is that they will likely not, but we do pray for all the departed, and you can still pray at home for Universal Reconciliation even if the Church does not liturgically.*

I agree with everything you said up until this point, doesn’t this sound dangerously like Universalism or Inclusivism?

I understand the desire for all to be saved, I have that as well. However, I am not the One being sinned against and therefore can not understand the full depth of the rebellion against our Creator.

Ultimately God is sovereign over His own creation and can do with it as He pleases. He is God, we are not.

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