[Original Run] Was there a retcon to the main mystery of the show?

From Martha Nochimson's book.

"Worst for Lynch was Frost's plotting of Cooper's fall into division at the end of the series, a narrative direction that can best be understood in the context of Frost's identification of Cooper with Sherlock Holmes, an identification not shared by Lynch. This identification is illuminated in Frost's novel, The List of Seven, a fantasy about the adventures of Arthur Conan Doyle with a strangely heroic man who became the model for Sherlock Holmes. Plainly, Frost's selection and characterization of Doyle as his hero in the novel reveals how intensely Frost identifies the longing to see as a form of piercing logic empowered to keep irrationality under necessary control. The novel depicts Doyle as a man committed to the difficult feat of 'walking the line' between the irrational and the rational: 'He [Doyle] knew that the path of human perfectibility - the path he aspired to walk - lay exactly on the midpoint between them' (p. 5). Frost's interface with Lynch in his focus on the border is clear here, but even more clear is the vast difference between the two men in their understanding of it. Crossing is not an option for Frost. In The List of Seven, crossing the line puts a human being in the kingdom of evil, in the grip of what Frost understands as the Dweller on the Threshold, a cosmic satanic force that appears to be what Frost sees as the irrational side of 'the line.' It is from this un-Lynchian construction of the border that Frost arrived at the necessity for Cooper, who repeatedly crossed what Frost identifies as 'the line,' to fall into the power of evil. Lynch's and Frost's separate visions of the aftermath of the possession is pertinent to our understanding of the chasm between their narrative instincts. Both intended to deliver Cooper; however, Frost would have restored him to rationality, while Lynch, as is clear from the final episode that he rewrote (to be discussed in detail below) intended to restore his access to the subconscious."

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