I (23F) feel incapable of loving my grandfather (66M) due to how he treated my father (49M) as a child.

He's not your relative. I didn't like my step-grandmother either. She was a bitch directly to me before and after the dementia kicked in. Her kids and relatives drained my grandfather of everything they could and took advantage of him in every way they could. He refused to leave his run down trailer crammed full of free loading low lives. The straw that broke the camel's back (my mother) was one of them taking his brand new car that he had to get because they wrecked the old one, and then wrecked the new one. My mom was dropping him off after an appointment when she saw it, she told my grandfather to get back in the car and he came home with us and stayed till he passed.

Even though he had more room, better food, cleaner house, he always begged to go back to his shitty trailer because it was his, and the only reason we didn't want him to have that freedom was because of the leeches we couldn't get rid of.

They would be the same type of relative to me as your "grandfather" is to you. I hate them and will never speak to them again, even though my cousins weren't terrible people and were just in a shitty situation themselves, I'll still never forgive them for draining my grandfather just the same.

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