P3 vs. P4

I've already made my point clear and you're almost going out of your way to misinterpret what I say.

we have a difference in opinion: you think there is inherent value to a feature being "new".

you think the words "new" and "interesting" are almost synonyms.

i do not think there is value to a feature being new. i think there are good features and bad features. i want the game to have good features. i do not care if this feature is new.

i think things are capable of being interesting without being new.

i think persona 4 is perfect for what it is trying to do, and I would not change anything in it. to be more clear, i do not believe it has flaws that need to be fixed, in terms of gameplay.

you just have a very short attention span, I don't even know how to respond to it. the fact you think pokemon has new features shows exactly how ridiculous your mindset is. None of the Pokemon games added anything meaningful (post 3rd gen), they all cram in superficial features that make the game look new and shiny, the way you like it.

all I'm saying is that you're failing to realize that outside your own very specific perspective, new does not equal interesting, and old does not equal boring. some people are content with old stuff. that's all there is to it.

(the other problem is that you seem to confuse opinions with facts, like, you're actively trying to explain to me that persona 4 is boring: it is not, you just have a different metric for interest. you also fail to understand that when I say that persona 4 is perfect for me, I'm not saying it's a flawless game that should go down in history as a 10/10 gaming perfection. I am saying it's perfect for me, I do not want anything to change in it. that's all)

oh, and also, the desire to change features is exactly what ruined Assassins Creed. They had a perfect battle system going in ACII, and they proceeded to make it shittier and shittier with every future installment.

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