Park Chan-wook wins Best Director, Song Kang-ho gets Best Actor at Cannes

Korean “Investments” aren’t always so clean and I always view it with scrutiny. This is a country run by corporations (Chaebols), and since the 90s have made huge push for globalization of their country/race. How else in the span of couple decades do you get a such a small country that hosts World Cup/Olympics/ have a UN Secretary General / and inroads into the global entertainment business. Oscars and Cannes awards are influenced by multi million dollar “PR” campaigns. How many more Korean presidents need to go to prison for people to not see how Koreans do “business?” Source: a Korean.

Also notice how this post was written with “we are,” Zerg mindset is strong with Koreans they are basically a country of sheeps. “We are?” No its, “few at the top are” and the rest are brain damaged hyper nationalistic xenophobic race and will reap their rewards and returns for that.

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