Some people are simply born lucky af

My brother never smells even though he bathes only once every 2 weeks.

he should shower more often. smelling bad isnt the only reason u take bath

A cousin dai is brilliantly gifted. His IQ is off the charts.

Real IQ is only measured by Mensa International. Using facebook ko random "check your IQ quiz game" isnt good indicator of his real IQ

Another cousin has sexy beard, great jawline and chiseled body even though he never exercises.

timro cousin ko weight ra height bhana. most likely he's just skinny

A ximeki didi has a perfect supermodel figure.

curvy figure >>> supermodel figure

Another guy I know in college is super hot, topper, reads college in full scholarship and his parents are super wealthy Rana descendants.

kun college ho testo?

My friend just cracked Loksewa exams by studying for just 2 weeks. i know because we share the same room.


Another roommate got a job offer from W marriot in dubai for 3 lakhs salary. He has just 2 years of experience in Nepali Hyatt hotel.

pocket watching as a "grown" man is pathetic

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