Patient Access solutions ($PASO) is a fake company

OP you are an idiot. Regardless of whether PASO ends up in a better or worse position going forward, it's not a fake company.

Its got official SEC filings.

But more importantly, the fact you cant find much has to do with the alteration of the company. PASO's employees are mostly CLX Health employees now. The official sites and social media links have been coming down over the course of the last few months in prep for the company transitioning into something completely different. For example, shortly after PASO's twitter came down, CLX Health twitter showed up. The address for PASO is a P.O Box at a post office (not uncommon for smaller companies much less merger shells).

PASO has been slowly losing a presence online BECAUSE it was being prepped to be the vehicle for CLX Health to merge into it. The ticker was going to change post merger from PASO to CLXH.

Now... you can say its a fake company all you want, IF and ONLY IF you can back it up with info or proof. Neither of which you have.

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