The people making fun of millenials for not knowing how to use a rotary phone are the same people who didn't know how to set the time on their VCR.

My aunt's boyfriend always talks about how millennials are always on their phones and don't know any practical skills. He also says a lot of "facts" that aren't true and can be easily contested with a quick Google search. Contradicted me about how evolution works. I have a Bachelor's in biology and I don't mind explaining things, but he wouldn't believe me when I said that evolution teaches that humans and chimps had a common ancestor rather than that humans evolved from chimpanzees. Anyway, that's just a little background. One day the weed eater dies, so he tried to fix it using good ole fashioned Boomer knowledge. Couldn't do it. I looked up the schematics online and fixed it in ten minutes. He asks how I did it. I tell him that you can look things like that up online. He is completely incredulous. Does not understand the concept. Show him what I did to get the schematics. He acts like it is magic. Mention to him that pretty much all of human knowledge can be found on a device that fits in the palm of my hand. Seems impressed. Next time we see him he's still spouting more BS about how gay people don't really exist. My point here is that there is just no hope for some people, even when they have concrete proof.

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