Why do people who take psychedelics think they’re are better than everyone else?

I've never met a person who said, "I've tripped out therefore I'm better than you" If we're talking about exploring the brain then yes, they'll be able to speak with slightly more authority on more whimsical topics. It's kinda like how traveling the world doesn't make you a "better" person but you're certainly going to have more worldly insight than someone who doesn't travel.

 but there’s no proof of it being a spiritual awakening or some answer ?

In order to find this out, you'd need to engage in massive clinical trials. For example if people insist that DMT made them see angels, the best way to test this would be to administer the drug to groups of volunteers and then document everything they claim to have seen. Then you'd have to repeat this over and over again with new groups to look for consistencies. You'd need to monitor the brain to see neuron activity and determine if it corresponds to typical dreaming.

Problem is, no government is going to sanction widespread clinical trials of reality-twisting drugs on its own people if there's no major incentive to do so. With risks like developing PTSD or unlocking hidden mental health problems as potential side-effects, things could get ugly. 

We get a few universities here and there doing small trials. But testing whether or not there's truly something spiritual about highly illegal drugs would require a rigorous clinical test on a fairly large scale and most laws would prevent that from happening.

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