Phenibut Quality concerns?

I had a problem with liftmode's quality recently (this is completely anecdotal and everything else I have ordered from them has been very potent). I have never ordered Phenibut before but after reading all the glowing reviews and taking the consequences into account, I decided that taking it once a week on Saturdays would not be a bad thing. I got the package on a Wednesday and that Saturday I tried 1.5g mixed into a Red Bull. At about 5:00 I reevaluated how I was feeling, I felt a little bit floaty but that was it. My friend who had also taken some says he felt the same way. The next weekend I took 2g with some Steaz Energy, still I felt sort of floaty but nothing they couldn't be discounted with placebo. The weekend after that I took 3g (also with the Steaz Energy) this time I felt something, it felt like I was sort of drunk but very very floaty at the same time, I also didn't feel very dumb; strangely this effect on lasted from around 3pm to 5pm (I took the phenibut at 10am). The night before another friend had asked me if he could try some, he doesn't like drinking but wanted to be loose for the party he was going to, I gave him 2g. He took the 2g at 10am the following morning and didn't eat until around 1pm because he didn't want anything obstructing the phenibut. He got a slight headache at 3:45pm but it went away. I would normally just say that my GABA system is fucked but all of my friends had similar issues. I don't know if maybe I was doing something wrong with the preparation. I know I started with a pretty high first dose so I am going to try to take 750mg today with water on an empty stomach (which is probably what I should have done from the beginning). I am not sure if this is a quality issue or if its a preparation issue, any insight would be appreciated.

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