Pizza Contest #11: Writing Prompt: You live up in a world where all people are 'your kind' - like-minded, and very similar to you, for better or worse. Show me around.

The world is a mess.
Ever since that fateful day, many humans have become power-hungry fools. The government has collapsed. Wars have taken away everything we loved, like hot water for showering or using electricity. More importantly, they've taken the ability TO love away. All sensible humans have resorted to sheltering deep underground and escaping to fantasy worlds deep inside their mind, to prevent themselves from seeing the real world as it currently is.
What was that "fateful day", you may ask?
It was only a few weeks ago.
Well, for you, anyway. I come from the future where all of this is happening. The little technology my "shelter group" and I still had was strangely peculiar. We often wondered what purpose it served to anyone who had ever used it. Today I was staring at it, and poof, I'm here. So, anyway, that "fateful day".
The day the North Koreans hacked Sony.
It seems I don't really come from the "future". I mean, this is before everything plunged into chaos. But I believe this is more like... an alternate reality. An alternate reality where Sony didn't ignore their threats. Where the North Koreans didn't kill millions of people who wanted to see "The Interview". Where people didn't start following in the footsteps of those North Koreans.
Where wars didn't take away the things we loved.
Where wars didn't take away the ability TO love.
Where the world won't plunge into chaos. It'll be tough adapting to this new environment, but it will certainly be nice. When being transported here, I somehow was transported to an unoccupied house with lots of cool things. I've just recently taken a shower with hot water! I accidentally made it too hot though, as I didn't know at first how to work the lever.
Now my only problem is getting money and food. Another piece of our technology we had in our shelter was a food/liquid creator. You older generation of humans probably can't comprehend such advanced technology, can you? Well, I really don't want to tell you how it works; it would take too long. (Trust me, I'm sparing your time. One of these so-called "expressions" you people use is something like, "Time flies." So, anyway, back on track.) Just recently, I browsed the internet, something I haven't done in quite a long time. After a browsing marathon with no going back to previous pages, I came across THIS. I would love a pizza. It would be rather nice to have something to eat before I have to look for jobs. As you people would say, "Pretty please with sugar on top?"

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