Po(Kung Fu Panda) vs Captain America. I'm calling you out /u/Phapn (Also Possible Spoilers)

I wasn't going to do this since like I said in my response to /u/Groudon466 below, you're being nitpicky and countering my arguments with irrelevant points. But since he thought your points countered mine, here we go:

Cameras and different directing styles vary greatly, both you and I know this. Media changes things too. Example, something FTE in an anime is a different speed than FTE in a live action movie or FTE in a 3D animation, or even in a different anime. You know this to be true? Correct.

Congratulations! You stated some irrelevant facts about movies and their directing styles, such as FTE. Did we ever talk about FTE? I assume you can read, so no. And the media does change - but it's obvious enough that this universe, as animated as it is, is not toonish enough to the point where what we see on the screen is different from what we would see if we were in that universe. What we did talk about was how far away Tai Lung was, and given that nobody in the movie demonstrates any kind of super-vision that allows them to see things extremely far away, there seems to be no purpose in this film to alter the visual range of the camera, as I stated. But you conceded by point about the clouds anyway, so let's move on.

No, I wanted you to bring forth substantial evidence. Don't make it out to be more than it is.

irrelevant condescension

Uh no. We never see the complete extent of Tai Lung's hole's depth. Also, to claim the exact height to be a mile, from nothing but disappearing behind clouds and a little seen hole is absurd.

seems like you misunderstood my point then tried to refute me by claiming my estimates were wrong. Here was the gist of my point: Tai Lung lands in a crater - when that crater was made by Tai Lung smashing Po into the ground (impressive durability feat btw), that greatly compacts the earth beneath it, making it even harder to make yet another hole in the ground. Yet, Tai Lung is falling from high up enough that he manages to make another hole, and the depth of that hole (clearly greater than 1 foot) is not exactly insignificant... do you know how hard you would have to punch the ground to put even a 3 inch hole into it, let alone something with the surface area of Tai Lung, AND far deeper? This would never be possible in a world with air resistance and terminal velocity, so let's assume that air resistance is ignored in this feat, in which case 1500ft is not nearly, nearly high enough for someone to fall to create a hole in the ground at all. :P

From the clouds relationship with the mountainous terrain and the 2-4 story houses nearby, it's more than oblivious they are quite low, their texture betraying their status as stratocumulus. Low stratocumulus clouds tend to hover at around 1500ft above the ground. Or in other words, about .28 of a mile. Not a mile.

Neither of us have doctorates in clouds, so instead of going by observation, let's go by something called... hmm, logic? Yes, that should do. Even if you ignore what I said above about the hole (which you shouldn't, its physics), I would guess that the height of the mountain on which the Jade Palace stands is between 1000-2000 feet. (You're probably going to nitpick at this too, but the height doesnt really matter). If the level of the clouds were 1500 ft, the clouds should look far closer once we get to the top of the mountain, but that's not the case- they still look pretty damn far up in the sky. You may argue that the mist that surrounds the Jade Palace is the what obscures Tai Lung from view, but when Tai Lung is launched into the sky, we can see that the textures of the clouds (regardless of what they are) is the same texture we see from the Jade Palace, which is already above the mist proving that it was not the mist, but the clouds in the sky.

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