The biggest reason though is I recently completed Shadowrun Dragonfall which was a fantastic little RPG game. It gave me huge desperate cravings for more Isometric RPGs. It's a cyberpunk game with...DRAGONS. Dragons that were fully conscious and could morph themselves into human entities and wanted to rule the world. How cool is that right? Here's another cool screenshot I took, what you're seeing here is my character which is an Orc who played strictly melee based with chi casting and was 100% cyber enhanced with biolegs and bio arms, the whole 9 yards. He only used samurai swords, god knows why. He was transported along with his teammate to a demonic realm which was controlling a cult leader to cause havoc in the streets and taking in orphans as recruits who were the easiest to manipulate. After getting a glimpse of a good RPG again I just can't resist, I need my fix! I need an amazing RPG to binge through and marathon and I can tell Pillars of Eternity fills all of those desires.

The /u/freedomtacos Guarantee

One thing I can promise you is I will play the shit out of this game, and it will be the only game I play until I finish it. The expected play time is around 50-80 hours, I will guarantee you I will play it to completion and put at least 60 hours in the game if the numbers are true. I promise you that. I will literally never request a game again if I fail to deliver that promise and get the mods to change my flair to FREEDOMLIAR, that's how confident I am.

Also as a fun bonus you can pick my names character, his class and whatever style you want. :D

I don't request this game lightly as you can see, and I poured my heart out into this request. I hope you enjoyed reading it!


You can find Pillars of Eternity here for $35 using the 20% off coupon available to everyone. Or if you know the ways of Nuuvem (involves using a VPN during checkout if you aren't from Brazil) you can buy it for $25 And as always you can find it on Steam, albeit full price at $45

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