Playing the menstruation card

I'm going to ignore your rant on guys trying to get laid, it's irrelevant to the point at hand at this point.

It's central to your argument and you're going to ignore it? That doesn't sound very rational.

You say not to call you a bitch because you're a person.

This is reductive. I didn't only say this. I said I'm an intelligent person with a strong moral core and that I am emotionally stable. These three ideas far outweigh any concept of "person".

What kind of person are you? I tried to demonstrate the kind of person I am and you've ignored some of what was said.

Was the woman you're talking about not a person?

Your reductive derailing attempt has been thwarted, so I'm going to remind you that the girl displayed questionable traits. Sure she could have had some issues medically but observational evidence suggests she did not really have as much of an issue as she claimed to.

Really it seems all she did was switch seats with you and get finger banged by her boyfriend next to you.

Arguably it would have been easier for her to get finger banged if she was in the window seat and he was in the middle because nobody would notice as easily if he faced her and put the middle arm rest up... so she didn't switch seats to get finger banged -- she did it to have access to the aisle because she simply preferred the aisle or she had reason to prefer being closer to the middle of the plane (perhaps a fear of heights so the window seat was too scary?). The only thing I can know for sure is that she either misrepresented herself to manipulate me out of my aisle seat or she actually had a real reason to be there... as it turns out evidence seems to support her being manipulative.

While that's really lame and I'm sorry she took advantage of your courtesy, you're projecting your antifeminist hate on her and blaming society for one person's shitty deed.

If being egalitarian and morally correct or honest is the same as being antifeminist then yes you are right I am antifeminist, but I will take issue with your use of the word hate because I do not hate anyone. I see compelling evidence to support my claims that these types of shady moves girls do to get special treatment have a corrossive effect on society. That's something that needs to be corrected. It's a non-conformance.

Now let's play devils advocate here

Okay I read the paragraph about this and my advice to you is that you book an aisle seat on all your flights and don't take flights that do not have the ailse seat. If you cannot do that simple logical thing then you cannot be a rational person. If you get on the plane and you know very well that your flight could come on your period (you'll know if you have regular periods well in advance), then own it and just pack special plastic panties, depends and some extra strength tampons while wearing dark loose-fit clothes.

Her getting finger banged next to you was just plain rude and inappropriate. But that's 50% her boyfriend's fault so I don't see why you're not pissed off at him too.

This was really just insult to injury and it was gross considering she said she was on her period and then it became obvious she wasn't really on it that bad or he'd come up with a very bloody finger which is a huge health risk for anyone that would come into contact with his hands which were all over the seat that I was sitting in and then if I tried to leave myself I'd have to also be in contact with Hep or HIV seating.

These people are just shitty people who made shitty choices and roped me in but it would have been anyone. Like what if a child was supposed to set in the aisle and the kid's parent was supposed to sit on the aisle next to them? So the kid is sitting beside possibly aids infested girl and her grubby boyfriend while she's getting off (subtlely but holy shit gross right) or maybe the guy on the other side beside where mom was is some kind of grubby or scary guy?

Overall it was coach and I'll fly business class or first class from now on I think. Just pony up the extra cash and then you have lots of leg room wherever you are and you are around people who aren't usually going to be finger banging one another. LOL

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