/pol/ has figured Trump's plan

I don't understand the culture (religious) battle you are fighting. True. That's why I want to remove myself from the schizophrenic battlefield where the designator that puts me on the blue team or red team or green team is totally subjective and arbitrary.

Evey one of the flags you mentioned would be much more clearly found if the intelligence organizations as well as average citizens were not stuck in the Red herring argument of playing "pin the Koran on the brown person". If you are part of militant Islam I want you tracked, same for militant Buddhism, militant Christianity, Militant abortion clinic bombers, militant KKK racists, Militant Neo-nazis, militant athiests, militant eco-terrorists, militant anti-privacy hackers, and hedge fund managers that blow up the economy with fraudulent sub-prime toxic debt.

What we don't need is another black and white meaningless line that gives idiots a reason to hate and fight each other.

I don't think of people in Religious terms, I just stay away from idiots no matter what they call their idiocy. But I have grown up around horrible Christians who brutalize and terrorize and own a lot of guns and buy fertilizer and are racist ignorant assholes, I know because to stay safe I had to pass as one of them so they lay it all out there, thinking I'm one of them. Alternatively, some people that fit that description (on paper) are buddies of mine and farmers near where I live and we went on Turkey shoots for Thanksgiving. If we all suddenly start looking through a religious lens to find enemies then we are all fucked.

Christians as a rule during this century don't blow themselves up, and maryter themselves. But Christians invented the word Maryrer during the Roman era hundreds of years before any Muslim ever existed. Same innovation on the words Crusade, Carpet bomb, Nuclear weapons, black Baptist Church bombing and Oklahoma city bomber.

Give the right (or wrong) economic stress and social inputs and political demagoguery you could easily have dumb white Christian Bubba's being fooled to blow themselves up for stupid reasons all over the Confederate South in less than 20 years.

Fortunately (and genetics back this up) almost 100% of dumb KKK whites in the South don't start the race war because they have more black blood in their family tree then they like to admit. Don't give them the idea that they can start hating Muslims cleanly or none of us will be safe until their self loathing is expunged with them expunging their self rage by sitting on the porch muttering about the recent hostilities from the aggression of the north Middle East. Meanwhile old grand dragon Josephus's grand-baby is named Muhammad. Most of them don't even realize that there are already mosques AND synagogues AND Indian temples AND Seik Temples already all over the place around here and for the most part they can't tell the difference. I had to grow up passing as Protestant because there are a lot of idiots who thought Catholics were ungodly Antichrist witch worshippers, before they got distracted by their neighborhood Al Achbar after 9/11 because the discovered "Al" was not short for "Albert."

But ya, I love great BBQ and big hair. Gotta save that culture from the evil turban people who eat hummus.

Please. If you want to stop terrorist attacks use real intelligence markers. If you wanna create your own set of arbitrary infidels to wage war against because secretly you are just as addicted to violence as they are, fuck it, i'm outta here.

But maybe you don't understand the stupid culture wars the way I've seen it manifested within our own culture. There is a daemon being let out of a cage here. Hope you have an exit strategy.

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