[Polls] Untradeable items and being able to pick them back up.

Do you believe players should be able to pick up some of their untrdaeable items after dying?

Yes. Many items, particularly quest items, should simply be able to be picked back up. If they dropped for Xgp that could potentially be abused.

Of the following, which do you believe players should be allowed to pick back up?

I voted

  • Quest items

  • Trophy items

Now I might have voted for naturally untradeable, quest reward items, void and dungeoneering rewards but . . .

I feel like that would just make it far too easy to have rather high tier gear even while skulled without genuine risk and that really sucks.

I worry that there's possible abuse here, y'know if dragonbane arrows drop for a high enough GP it might be good money to make a bunch then have your friend kill you . . . But as long as they things are scaled decent it won't be a big deal.

Anyway I voted for Quest and Trophy items because they're mostly unimportant to lose, y'know? Losing questing items fully just adds tedium and if someone really wants to stop you they still can by killing you again before you pick it up and trophy items? Losing those fully is just sad, you gain nothing but a sense of happiness by having it and if they're worth a lot then it'd create a weird black market, like if you dropped 500K for a kbd head suddenly you're having a friend kill you to make money instead of putting it on your wall.

If items were dropped "to the enemy" how should that be handled?

I voted "Set amount of GP".

Actual items creates a stupid market where you have to trust trade things like void but it's perfectly possible to do so someone will try it. People will get scammed, it'll be bad for the game as much as I'd love for it to work well.

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