Was Port distorting "recent" steam reviews during the holiday sale? You decide...

Wow, nemo. You're calling me Jamma now? I'm kb you %()@$.... Jeez, you are getting too paranoid. SMFH.

Sorry to say, but after the Steam Review Request and given the way Chris pointed to those recent reviews, it just seems like too many stars were aligning to make the game appear like things were going better for it (during the holiday sale period) than mere coincidence.

The fact that a Port dev posted a review is just icing on the cake, and I'm not saying he's totally in the wrong for doing it, but if they have resorted to posting positive reviews for their own game, there's no telling what else they are doing to try to put lipstick on this pig.

Also, if you know anything about online reviews, it is generally frowned upon for business owners and employees of a business to review their own product and place of employment. There is no question that their bias for a paycheck will trump any sense of ethics they have. Can you really expect ANY dev of any game they create to give truly honest critical feedback about their game?

Finally, the fact that the language in many of the positive reviews is so similar (especially in the short, non-informative reviews) is really telling that they are either coaching supporters/devs what to say, or literally copying and slightly varying from a script that contains the message they want to get out there.

Believe it or not, I was an English teacher for several years and its easy for me to spot when people are copying the same stuff and only slightly altering it. The fact that both reviews by matpsch and rorrantia start off in almost identical fashion is highly suspicious. The only difference is the adjectives they use (awesome vs great) and changing RPG feel to MMORPG. Considering rorrantia mentions bugs, I wouldn't be surprised if they are a QA person on the team. After all, matpsch (Port's lead animator) mentioned fun animations....

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