Brett Lautenbach: "Really bad reddit thread reading way too far into sleepy's comments on stream. The guys on the team are honestly incredibly tight and everyone has been working so hard together to make the whole roster better. Bummed to see his words get taken out of context like that."

I'm sorry but I don't know how calling someone the same thing that everyone's been calling him comes off as rage. Maybe people on reddit need to realize that being called the things that they call someone else is hurtful. I never meant to come off as rage, but it's the internet so of course you can't see that.

My original post was mentioning that sleepy is friends with viol2t and would never say that about him. He has duo'd with him on stream and had fun and people who actually watch sleepy's stream would realize this.

As for helping the situation, I would say I will stand up for ANYONE who I love in my life who is being harassed and that is my policy as a human being. If you do not like that, I'm sorry but that's just me.

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