AITA for expecting money from my SO, even though I don't work?

They are not right now. He also puts money into them. Soil, lights, etc. Honestly I think he's depending on them though. They're about to get cut down so I guess we'll see.

He does not want me to get one. I did work at UPS, but he gave me so much shit every day that I quit just to stop hearing it.

He is more open to me getting one now because my parole officer is getting serious about me working. I have been applying but my violent criminal history seems to be a turnoff.

And finally, we only have one car, and I'm the only legal driver. UPS was actually good to me because I could choose when to end my shift (delivered packages in neighborhoods). But now I have to find a job that works with his schedule.

It's all very frustrating.

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