[Post Game Thread] Your Golden State Warriors (40-37) complete the 20 point comeback to defeat the New Orleans Pelicans (38-38) 120-109. Stephen Curry leads the team with a 39 point, 8 rebound, 8 assist effort.

I love hearing Van gundy saying it clear, "there's a big one and then there's complementary pieces". Some people who don't watch the warriors day in and day out love to talk about our big three, culture, Kerr, system... Steph is our culture and system lol. He's literally one of one. We need him as the closer every single game no matter if klay or Poole are cooking.

I know it can get tricky since defenses throw everything at him and let other beats them, but at least have him coming up with the ball if you're not going to look for him off ball. Yes, I'm thinking about Poole stepback up 1 in the last game. Steph wasn't involved in any way in that play and that's like shooting ourselves in the foot. This game and the Philly one should serve as an example of how to execute in the clutch when Poole is also playing and has it going. Still feature him on the offense obviously, just not run the offense through him. Not hating on Poole at all, he was amazing today in the 2nd half, he was amazing vs Philly and despite some mistakes vs TWolves, he was probably the main reason there was clutch time at all instead of being down 10.

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