[Post Season] Football: Predictions

Here, I made a nice table for everyone to copy/paste predictions into :) It also has North Carolina and FSU which I forgot.

Bowl ACC Opponent Time (EST) Notes
Quick Lane North Carolina Rutgers 12/26 at 4:30pm I'm excited, this should be fun!
Bitcoin NC State Central Florida 12/26 at 8:00pm A lot will have to go right for State to pull this off, but I think it's within possibility
Military Virginia Tech Cincinnati 12/27 at 1:00pm I'll be rooting for VT but Cincy is just too strong for an unpredictable opponent
Sun Duke Arizona State 12/27 at 2:00pm Wow this will be a tough game, but I see Duke pulling out the upset
Independence Miami South Carolina 12/27 at 3:30pm This'll be close as both teams are quite good, but I think Miami has the edge
Pinstripe Boston College Penn State 12/27 at 4:30pm Low scoring affair where BC manages to win out
Russell Clemson Oklahoma 12/29 at 5:30pm This could go either way, but I think Clemson will succeed
Music City Notre Dame LSU 12/30 at 3:00pm ND has looked way too shaky these past few weeks to afford them a victory
Belk Louisville Georgia 12/30 at 6:30pm Damn this will be intense, but I gotta go Louisville
Orange Georgia Tech Miss State 12/31 at 8:00pm This will also be quite the game, let's go GT!
Rose Florida State Oregon 1/1 at 5:00pm I think this'll be closer than most people say, but Oregon's got the edge
Armed Forces Pittsburgh Houston 1/2 at 12:00pm No idea who Houston is so go Pitt!
Championship Florida State/Oregon Alabama/OSU 1/12 at TBD Oregon over OSU in the final!
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