POSTGAME THREAD: SCF2 ~ Sharks at Penguins ~ 6/1/16

This clown thinks that all 7 billion people in the world that aren't sharks fans are pens fans, including the refs and the commentators

If he had his way the whole game would have been played 5v0.

Also he tends to call people names

Did any of you assholes ever think that maybe, just maybe, a professional fucking hockey player who leads the league in postseason points knows that everyone cheats at face-offs? You're all acting like this is some big fucking secret that you know sitting on your couch but all of the actual players don't. You know what complaining in a public place about someone cheating at face-offs does? It makes it harder to fucking do it and get away with it next time. Jesus Christ this is the biggest penguins circle jerk I've ever seen. Even worse than the one on our sub since you are all rolling in there and down voting everything negative any Sharks fans say about you or plays or the officiating.

You're a fucking asshole you know that? stop being a cunt for no reason.

Cooch got blindsided, that's not a dive. Play a fucking contact sport then get back to me. You fall down when you get hit in the back fuckass.

So explain to me how that wasn't a holding? He had his arms fucking around burns

Ok seriously? What the fuck was that icing call.

When you grab someone's stick while they're trying to play the puck but get away with it because you're the pens...

That was quite the hook with no call..

Hertl got elbowed in the head earlier and they didn't call it

The pens have been boarding and elbowing people without calls, which is much much worse.

Sure doc, he "recovered", if by recovered you mean grabbed the player skating past him...

He just elbowed Hertl in the face...

"Sharks dodge a bullet". Are you fucking joking? They haven't called shit on the Penguins all game and we are the ones dodging bullets?

Yeah, because that definitely wasn't a high stick on pav. And that definitely wasn't a hold before that.

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