Prepping first attic grow/bagseed experiment

Heat will become an issue: cooking in the summer, heat loss is the winter

Lights rule of thumb is 30w per square foot

I got 225 plants in a 8x4.... size and numbers are an illusion! Of you know what you do, it’s completly itrelevant, you should focusnon maximizing the exploitation of the potential your grow setup offers

You could eat cannabis seedling has microgreens..... but it’s gonna cost you a ton at the price the cannabis seeds are sold! As for compost, it’s like any other plant matter. Of couse cannabisnis exotic and contain more nutriment/micro nutriment because of all we feed it troughout it’s life... Therefore technically it will introduce new elements to your compost, but no greater than any exotic plant with diffrent make up than your local fauna.... nothing i grow has the same potassium potential has my banana peel, so it would also be another “super compost ingredient”

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