Protective Cat

Idk, my fiancé still has her childhood dog. Just yesterday he peed on me while playing tug of war and then pooped behind a couch. I let him out 10 minutes beforehand. Her dad and stepmom forced the dog on her, and in turn got their own dog and refused to take care of him. There’d be times that Id come over and her parents would be downstairs watching tv but he’d still be locked in his crate upstairs. BUT, the only reason, and we’ve had arguments about this, that we don’t find a better home for him is because “he’s been there through everything”. He destroyed our apartment, but when we informed the landlord the response was luckily “we’re renovating it anyways when you leave”. There’s massive stains in the carpet of our house but “we wanted hardwood anyways”. My point being that they aren’t always treated the best, and he sure as hell wasnt. Now I’m making rules and she won’t even follow them. I talked to her about getting his own bed and not letting him on ours because he continuously pees on ours, and she said yes. Yet every night I come upstairs and he’s cuddling with her. “We shouldn’t let him on the couch”. Was making breakfast one morning and I heard her call him up on it, and when questioned she said “I didn’t even notice”. Whenever her dad comes over to see us, he goes in the house again. He’ll be good about it for 2-3 months, and then her dad will visit and he looses it.

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