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I'm in a bit of a pickle with Smogon Forums. Not sure if I should post this as its own post or in here, but in order to keep it on the down-low (I know people will find a way to make this against Smogon, complaining about how they ban everything. I'm not about that, I just want help).

Basically what happened is, I got my Smogon Forums account banned. Long story short, my mate was over at my house and made an account using my IP address, made a post and we both were banned within the hour.

So, I was understandably upset (I had made a few posts by then, I had a lot of fun on the Forums) so I wanted to appeal the ban. Unfortunately, when you're banned on Smogon you can't do anything at all, not even log out. So I deleted all of my browser's history, cookies, everything, and made a new account. Using this account, I PMed a moderator about this. Unfortunately, this message got no reply (or if it did I can't view it) because that account is now banned.

So, I decided I would just make a new account and leave that behind, just go about my business normally. Nope, got banned within about a week. Made a new account, looked for an official appeal system, only found one for appealing Showdown bans, I used that anyway and explained that there was nowhere else to appeal at. Someone replied quickly, saying that yes, I was in the wrong place, but they would talk to another moderator about my situation. Within about an hour, this new account was banned again.

I'm afraid that my IP is flagged and any account I make on it will just be banned. I haven't broken any of the forum's rules, other than making more than one account (I've made 4 now). However, there was no other way that I could appeal the bans. I don't know what to do, and I want to if possible continue posting to the forums, but every account I make is just banned. Even worse, I get no explanation for the bans, I just log in and everything I attempt to do is stopped. Like I said, I'm not about hating on Smogon, I just want some sort of freedom to use my IP. What can I do?

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